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When Life Takes A Turn

Hey there, I’m Natasha!

Wanna hear about some twists and turns in life?  Well, the biggest risk I’ve ever taken was leaving corporate America after 20 years to follow my dream of being a fitness professional. Whew, talk about a huge leap!  The fear, the panic, the sleepless nights, and feeling torn.  I went through every emotion one could possibly have before stepping out on their dreams.

That was one short year ago. Turns out, it was the best and most important thing I could have ever done.

These days, I help women break through mental and emotional thought patterns that prohibit them from growing into the person they’ve always envisioned – their inner badass!

What’s even more awesome is that I do this throughout the world!  Yes, the world is my work-space and my playground!  Throughout the year I host domestic and international wellness retreats to empower women to reconnect to themselves and take a different approach to self-care, one that combines holistic wellness with the pursuit of travel and adventure!

I thought someone would come along and help me make my dreams come true. Well, that never happened, however….

I began taking my own damn vision and turning it into reality.

After working my ass off to get a formal education, I decided to get certified as a Life Coach, then a personal trainer, then a fitness nutritionist. 


You get the picture, right?

Once getting all of the credentials that I thought I would possibly need to build a solid foundation in my new fitness career, I began working as a part-time group fitness instructor. I even picked up a few private clients to test out my newly acquired training and nutrition skills.


Then, something strange happened…

I would forget that I was getting paid from my part-time and private gigs.  Me?  Never! My background is in Finance so I’m always thinking about or dealing with money! Well, it happened.  More than once or twice! The money would literally appear in my bank account every couple of weeks and for at least 45 seconds I’d question where it came from!  Sometimes I would even forget that I coached. Then, it hit me! Oh, this is what they mean when they say if you’re passionate about your career you could do it for free! Well damn! I’ve arrived!

Even more interesting things started to happen...

I had a bright idea! I decided to combine my love of traveling and my passion for life coaching, with my love for self-care and fitness.  Go figure, the ideal career! I began coaching women towards their weight loss goals, and after seeing so many women achieve emotional and weight loss success, I started hosting cool local and international wellness retreats to teach women how to live a life filled with energy and vitality, all without the quick fix of medicine and one-size-fits-all advice.

Guess what?  They loved it!

The first retreat sold out. I offered another one. That sold out, too. Sometimes I’m in tears just thinking about how I have been blessed with the awesome gift of being able to help women on a global scale to change their lives by committing to a lifestyle of health and emotional wellness, living with fear but moving forward fearlessly, and building confidence and power; or as I would like to call it…

Unleashing your inner badass!

THIS, my friends, is exactly what happens when you listen to your life,

trust yourself, and move, even when you are afraid!


  • Masters of Business Administration, M.B.A.

  • Keller Graduate School of Management, Devry University, St. Louis, MO

  • Graduate Certificate in Financial Analysis

  • Keller Graduate School of Management, Devry University, St. Louis, MO

  • Bachelor's Degree in Political Science, B.A.

  • Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville, IL

  • NASM Certified Fitness Nutritionist

  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer

  • iPEC Certified Mind Enhancement Coach

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