Fitness Programs

I provide professional, certified fitness programs designed to help you reach and maintain your health and fitness goals. Check out my offerings and choose one suitable to your ambitions and lifestyle.

90 Day Shred

The 90 Day Shred is a great choice no matter your level of fitness.
Get leaner, stronger, and faster as you learn the transformative power
of combining weight-lifting, 90 days of ass-kicking HIIT workouts, and
proper nutrition. This comprehensive program will help you build shapely muscle, increase your endurance, shed unwanted fat, and lose weight.


* 12-week customized, easy-to-follow nutrition system
* Weekly HIIT and strength training workout routines
* Weekly Mindset & Lifestyle training calls to stay on track and motivated

Buns, Guns, & AB Attack

Dread getting into a bikini or wearing a sleeveless shirt?
Well, say Au Revoir to your swimsuit and t-shirt phobias!
This program is designed to tame your biggest problem areas!
You’ll be a triple threat with a toned ass, flat abs, and sexy arms.


* 6 Weekly customized nutrition plans to develop new habits
* Weekly fitness progressions to sculpt the perfect ass, abs, and arms
* Weekly Mindset & Lifestyle training calls to stay on track and motivated

Mission: Little Black Dress

It’s always party-dress season! A recent survey by M& S revealed that 6 million women keep their little black dresses for over 12 years. So if you’re dying to fit back into your favorite LBD, this program is for you! Learn how to lose weight through proper food combinations. Get ready to have a strong, sculpted, and sexy physique.


* Nutritional guidance for complete lifestyle change
* Weekly Mindset & Lifestyle training calls to stay on track and motivated
* Customized workouts to shed fat and get a healthy, toned physique

Nutrition Coaching

Already have a gym membership? Do you simply need help on how to choose the right foods to see the true results of your hard-work in the gym?

1. What’s keeping you from having the healthy body you want.
2. How to lose body fat and maintain or build muscle.
3. How to build new habits and help you reach your fitness goals.


* 30 minute phone/video call with customized nutrition assessment.
* Personalized nutrition plan, big picture goals, and small action steps
* Mindset & Lifestyle training call to stay on track and motivated
* NOTE: you can purchase up to 4 individual nutrition coaching sessions per month

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