P.A.T.H. To Wellness


 A New Approach. A New Mindset.

When was the last time you told yourself you were too fat to take a trip, swim, attend a gathering, or just make a change?

The inner bully that goes on inside of you is maddening and hurtful!

Are you ready to stop that?

If you're not ready, can you at least be willing?

You don't need more information, a new diet, or a new exercise gadget. 

A new system to lose weight without suffering the guilt, shame, and the self-sabotage that comes with emotional eating.

Community Founder

Natasha NaShea is a Fitness & Wellness Coach Specializing in Emotional Eating.

LIFETIME access to P.A.T.H. to Wellness Community

Nutrition education to keep you away from the dieting trap

Weekly Online Nutrition Planning Sessions

P.A.T.H. to Wellness Community was created to keep it simple! This online e-course is built on a series of monthly educational programs comprised of practical, achievable, and sustainable changes that lead to long term success.

Here’s what you get

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Natasha NaShea brought it today. Her desire is to push us and help us accomplish our goals.


The value of a trainer who will push you to places you would never go by yourself is immeasurable.

Thank you Natasha NaShea.


Natasha... pushes me in a really good way to achieve my goals, thank you.